The Quilting Failure of 1998

In February 1998, my first niece was born and I was determined to make her a quilt.  That summer I purchased a flat sheet that matched the set of sheets that were in her nursery.  They featured a Winnie the Pooh theme in a soft, muted caricature on a beige background.   My plan was to frame the images of Pooh Bear with a solid beige fabric and work from there.  I could not for the life me get these sheets to form anything I was happy with.  I worked on this quilt for months.

The main problem was that the sheets stretched considerably.  Sure that the problem was attempting to mix a polyester blend with a cotton fabric,  I later used a polyester blend solid.  That helped.  At least they stretched together.  I finally was able to complete a quilt top and assembled a quilt sandwich, using the loftier batting of a few years before.  Hand quilting the polyester just did not feel right.   I tried machine quilting it but that was a disaster (I didn’t know I should have been using a walking foot).  Then I substituted the lofty batting with the crafty batting that had worked so well two years earlier.  It was stiff, not good for a baby quilt.  I hated it and it finally went into a storage bin.  I didn’t try to quilt anything else for a couple of years.


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