Pink Dragonflies Whole Cloth 2000

In early 2000 I decided to try some more quilting.  I know it was 2000 because that’s the year my second niece was born.  I made two small quilts that year, one for my daughter and one for my newest niece, born in June.

The first was made from some fabric my daughter just had to have while on a quick trip to Hancock Fabrics.  I bought two yards of the pink dragonfly print, a yard of some matching pink solid fabric and grabbed some pink thread for hand quilting.  I also made a mental note to keep all hand quilting thread in a separate place because of that embarrassing episode at the Singer repair shop a couple of years before.

I decided to do a “whole cloth” quilt.  It was quick and I really just wanted to practice the handwork.  I used more of the craft batting from Hobby Lobby and a quilting template I had already purchased.  I call them scallops but there may be a better name for the quilting design.  Templates and chalk work wonders and the quilt was ready in no time.

After the pink quilt was done I decided to do the same for my newest niece.  This time I splurged and went to a real quilt store for the first time.  I was looking for something with Noah’s Ark on it.  I wish I had known that prints from the quilt store actually had names.  I have no clue what I bought but it had lots of browns and medium blues (I think).  I used the same scallop design for the hand quilting.  The backing was made from a blue solid.  At least I think it was.  I didn’t get a picture and now it’s packed away.  Oh well.


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