Mini Irish Chain 1996

This photo is terrible.  I didn’t have a digital camera back then so there were no retakes to be had.  But I at least I did think to take a picture of this quilt before I gave it away.  It was small, maybe 30 x 30.  The project came from a book written by Marti Michell.  Naturally I don’t have it anymore.  If you squint it looks like an Irish Chain.  The fabric was from JoAnn’s (maybe Hancock’s) and I used a craft batting I found at Hobby Lobby.  It was great for learning to hand quilt.  Or so I thought.  I still wasn’t quilting correctly, as in using a frame.  I would bunch up the fabric in my left hand while I stitched with my right hand.  Obviously that wouldn’t work for a larger project.  The batting would never work for a full size quilt anyway.  It was thin and a bit stiff.  Not something to cuddle up to.  But all in all, I was thrilled with this little table topper.


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