Authentic Jelly Roll

This was my second quilt using the Authentic line by Sweetwater for Moda.  The Jelly Roll 1600 pattern can be found on numerous web sites and there are Jelly Roll race videos on YouTube.  I can’t remember where I saw it first but it seemed like it would be a good project for getting back into quilting.

The finished quilt measured 48 x 55.  The backing has more Authentic and some Bella Snow by Moda.  I used both YLI thread and some Mettler.  The batting was Warm and White.

I had more trouble with my machines than anything else on this quilt.  The quilt was pieced using a 1970 Singer Touch and Sew which belonged to my mother.  The other Authentic quilt was also pieced using that machine.  They were both quilted using my Singer 52-61-2J purchased in 1997 or so.  It worked great on the last two quilts but the tension problems returned with this one.  I tried to finish the quilting on the Touch and Sew but with about 10 inches to go the foot pedal gave out.  I ended up having to deal with the newer machine’s issues (cranky tension and skipped stitches) in order to complete the quilting.  Switching thread brands did not seem to help matters and I changed needles (90/14) numerous times.

I’ve been whip stitching my bindings in place until this one.  I tried a slip stitch on the last quilt but couldn’t get the hang of it.  For some reason it worked well on this quilt.


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